Self Care, Looking After Yourself, Be Selfish. (1 min Read)

Putting yourself first, self-care isn’t wrong. If you neglect yourself then you perform badly in every aspect of your life. As I’ve got older I’ve learnt to get better at this, but I’m still learning.

Here is my list of things I do to take care of me, my personal self-care. Yours will be different of course, I thought I’d share mine.

Self-Care, Love who you are.

  • Start each day with green tea and lemon water after my dawn prayers.
  • Eat a good breakfast, usually with egg.
  • Get to the gym at least three times a week.
  • Say No. Don’t do things you don’t want to or feel uncomfortable doing. Never be a doormat.
  • Prioritise my health by getting regular checkups, smear tests, breast examinations, taking supplements and don’t ever put off doctors visits.
  • Avoid negativity and the people who spread it.
  • Draw a line under the past and don’t let it hold you back.
  • Go to bed before 11pm. I’m not good for much if I haven’t slept well!
  • Make the most of every day.
  • Limit Screen time when with family.
  • Love who you are and what you do.
  • If there’s something in your life upsetting you, change it. I’m working hard on this one.
  • Learn a new skill every year, last years was swimming!

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Doulas What We Do And Why You Should Hire One.

Congratulations you’re pregnant!

Now’s the time to start thinking about employing a great Doula.

What ‘s a Doula?

  • A Doula is a professional Birth Partner, usually an experienced mother herself, she will have attended many births and supported women and their families through pregnancy, birth and in the postnatal period.
  • Some offer additional services such as homoeopathy, massage, aromatherapy, hypnobirthing, nutritional advice, yoga sessions among others.
  • Most work as part of a small team or duo, ensuring that nothing can prevent them getting to a mother, most doulas move heaven and earth to support their women. Personally, I’ve missed birthdays, weddings, anniversaries and even religious celebrations to attend births and I wouldn’t have had it differently.
  • Having a Doula with you throughout labour significantly reduces your risk of intervention (source)
  • Doulas work with you, your partner and family, ensuring a calm environment for you to labour in.
  • Postnatally, when you are focused on your newborn a Doula will ensure you get the rest you need. Taking over household chores, cooking nutritious hot meals. In fact, many have a meal preparation service where they will cook and freeze several main meals of your choice and freeze them for you.
  • Reassurance is a big part of a Doulas role, reminding you that what is happening’s normal. Newborns are funny little creatures and it’s great to have a sympathetic woman to call on day or night to ask all your questions to.

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Womanhood, International Woman’s Day, A Message. (2 Min read)

Women, embrace your strength, intelligence, intuition.

I’ve had the honour of working with amazing women, supporting them through pregnancy and labour, each one of this incredible females has taught me something, about strength. The main lesson is how much we underestimate ourselves. How often do we wait for someone to reaffirm us? Look to the men in our life for protection, care and comfort? there’s nothing wrong with that, however, we have to be strong in our own right, we need to have independence. We need to educate ourselves and our daughters. Give them the tools to take care of themselves and their children should they need to.

Daughters and Cycles

God chose not to bless me with a daughter, however, I have sons I hope they go on the have many daughters who they will raise to be equal to their brothers. I’d have liked to raise a woman, to give her knowledge, teach her to listen to herself and always trust her intuition. Women are made wonderfully differently to men, we have a cycle, each day we shift and change with the world around us. How breathe taking and epic are we?

Once a month we go into a morning for a pregnancy that never was, we all complain about our menses but I know I’ll be sad to see the back of it. My cycle tells me a lot about my health, physical and mental. For goodness sake learn to read yours with fertility awareness. Use it as a method to get or prevent pregnancy, I’ve used it for decades after finding that synthetic hormones do not agree with me ( artificial progesterone causes severe depression in many women)

Mothers and Grandmothers

I’m the product of some strong women, my mother is an eccentric hardened wild camper, an explorer who at 60 is still often camping alone in the Scottish Isles. My Grandmothers between them raised over 25 children! One was a renowned Moroccan healer and people travelled far to see her. The other was a hardworking mother of 10, a proud Irish woman who kept everything spotless. I honour these women with my work. They had problems in their lives and never let anything stop them. I don’t know how they coped with the infant deaths of their children, sickness or poverty. they inspire me and drive me on. I learnt lessons from them. Learnt not to fear my body, to trust its ability and strength. When I look in the mirror I see them looking back at me, the set of my mouth, the bridge of my Arab nose, these women live on in me. I will make them proud.

How many people refuse to allow their daughters to learn to ride a bike or to swim? to gain a higher education? As a Muslim, I’ve battled these cultural repressive ideas all my life. Raise strong women, taking them swimming, climbing, bike and horse riding. Women empower yourselves, do that degree, go for that job. Don’t let the suffering of our ancestors have been for nothing. Its never too late, this past year I finally learnt to swim! Best thing I’ve ever done because it gives me so much joy. Seek out yours and love yourselves as you should be.

Coding, Read The Struggles of a Student and Mum.

Coding Career Change

Learning to code like a wizard or even half as well as my talented partner is my goal. I enjoy my side of our web design business, the administration and P.R. However to make a real contribution I need to get my head around coding, HTML and CSS. I studying with Treehouse, the step by step videos are in great bite size pieces, easy to understand and learn. I’m already confident enough to build a basic website, after just a few hours of training. There is something very satisfying about seeing your creations come to life, all the code, brackets and all making up a slick website.

Beautiful Design

My children are mostly teenagers all very confident, started with coding at an early age. I was more interested in design until recently. Great coding, it is a beautiful thing indeed. Who doesn’t love an amazingly well-designed site?

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Get Vitamin D in Your Child’s Diet. (2 min Read)

Everybody is Talking about Vitamin D

We keep hearing how vital vitamin D is to our health. It is, in fact, low levels can cause all kinds of problems. These can include  a low immune system,  bone weakness and even Rickets. Skin problems like psoriasis and stomach issues including ulcers can also be a problem. It’s interesting that a study conducted in Lebanon concluded that children need more vitamin D than adults. 10  times more. It’s amazing to think that children in such a sunny country might not be getting enough, what chance have my own offspring got in the cloudy U.K?

Eggs and Salmon

Getting it into our kids is not easy. Despite knowing they are mostly ineffective I still give my 8-year-old a multi-vitamin to crunch along with his morning cereal. However, if you really mean business the best supplements are sprays you can buy from health food shops. A quick minty squirt and that’s 1000mmg of the vitamin. Eggs, salmon, mackerel and breakfast cereals are all great sources. Eggs are my favourite way to feed my children, omelettes, egg salad, boiled with toast, endless ways. One of my sons has an egg allergy so I ‘ve had to become more inventive especially as he has been diagnosed with low vitamin D. So I’m busy trying to find new ways to feed him. If you have any others suggests, please leave a comment below.

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Netflix – Abstract, Art of Design [Review]

It is only recently that I’ve branched out from only watching films and T.V series to the vast and varied catalogue of Netflix documentaries. If you haven’t had a look yet please do. Sometimes we need more brain food than the latest blockbuster can provide; especially if like me you use T.V as a teaching tool (think the rainy day, moody teen “sit and watch this”) for your home educated teenager. We worked our way through the great BBC science and nature programmes. Then discovered the other subjects covered include up to date art and design, history and music.

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Teen Education. Think Outside of the Box (2 Min Read)

Routes to take for teenage education.

  • School, yes school! If you find the right school for your child then they can do very well taking the traditional route of GCSEs. Look for independent academies that don’t have catchment areas to have more choice.
  • Distance Learning, recommend Oxfordhomeschooling
  • Treehouse, this site is the most amazing online up to date resource to study Web Design, Coding and App Development. For a small fee or a free trial, your child can start to build skills and network links that will see them into a career. Not just aimed at kids, I’m studying with Treehouse myself, so it’s something that I strongly recommend.
  • Flexi Schooling, This is becoming more and more popular, find a Head that agrees to it and you can arrange for your child to attend school or college part time sitting a few subjects rather than the usual 11 or 12 GCSEs.
  • Local College from 14. Contact your local LEA and college for details, funding is available for 14-year-olds to study core subjects. It does depend on your location, though.

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