Archive by Sanderson Design

I conducted a comprehensive UX audit for Sanderson Design's Archive e-commerce website. The objective was to assess the user experience, identify areas for improvement, and enhance usability, customer satisfaction, and conversion rates.
imageThrough a systematic evaluation of design, functionality, user interactions, and analytics data, I employed various processes to gather insights and provide actionable recommendations. These processes included:
  • User Research: Qualitative research methods, such as interviews, surveys, and usability testing, were used to understand user needs and expectations.
  • Heuristic Evaluation: I assessed the website against usability heuristics and best practices, identifying usability issues and making recommendations for navigation, information architecture, consistency, and error prevention.
  • Content Analysis: A thorough evaluation of the website's content identified areas for improvement in terms of clarity, relevancy, consistency, readability, and alignment with user expectations.
  • Interaction Design Evaluation: I analyzed the website's user interface and interaction patterns, identifying opportunities to improve user flows, task completion, visual affordances, feedback mechanisms, and error handling.
  • Information Architecture Analysis: An in-depth analysis of the website's information architecture revealed potential navigational challenges and recommended structural improvements for a more intuitive user experience.
  • Usability Testing: Testing sessions validated findings and gathered direct user feedback to identify areas of confusion, frustration, and refinement.
  • Analytics Analysis: An in-depth analysis of analytics data provided insights into user behavior, engagement, and conversion rates, complementing qualitative research findings and uncovering optimization opportunities.

The UX audit serves as a roadmap for implementing changes that align with user expectations and industry best practices, making the Archive website more user-centric and successful.

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