Hive Learning

At Hive Learning, I collaborated with a team to enhance the user experience of a peer learning platform.
imageThrough user-centered design principles and iterative processes, I focused on various aspects, including:
  • Micro-Interactions: Researched user preferences and expectations to enhance engagement with meaningful animations, notifications, and transitions.
  • Voice and Tone: Developed a style guide through surveys and interviews, ensuring communication resonated with the target audience.
  • User Experience and Ease of Use: Identified pain points through usability tests and journey mapping, implementing user-centered solutions.
  • Comment System: Optimized discussions through interviews, observations, and feedback analysis, fostering engagement and collaboration.
  • Share System: Researched motivations and expectations around sharing, implementing intuitive functionalities for collaboration and content creation.
  • User Profiles and Admin Dashboards: Optimized interfaces through interviews, surveys, and analysis, empowering users and administrators.

These efforts resulted in improved user experience, increased engagement, collaboration, and a seamless learning experience for Hive Learning platform users.

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