Hello World.

I just wanted to say, don’t believe everything you read or hear in the media.
Not all Muslims are terrorists and not all terrorists are Muslims.

I’m a Muslim convert, the beauty of the religion and calming sound of Quran being recited attracted me to Islam.

If you wonder what this religion of Islam is, I strongly suggest you get a copy of the Quran and read it for yourself.
I did, after 9/11 I wanted to know where in the Quran it says to murder innocent people in cold blood, so I read it for myself and a month later I became a Muslim.
The truth contained within it was over whelming and undeniable.

Its frightening to hear people declaring all Muslims should die, that we hate non Muslims, and all kinds of other lies.

My extended family are not Muslims, doesn’t stop me loving and caring for them.

Anyone who knows anything about the Nazi rise to power in Germany, should be very concerned about the current trend in the media to blame everything on Muslims, to build fear and hate, an us and them mindset.

Muslims in Uk are feeling confused and most are getting out to educate everyone they meet about what being a Muslim really is. A small few are angry and feeling threatened.

I wish everyone peace, whatever your religion.

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