Clean Eating v’s Dirty Eating.

Surprise, the whole, dairy free, gluten free, carb free, fat-free diet trends of the last decade or so are being exposed as maybe not as healthy as they look! psst, let’s see how long the coconut milk lattes exist in Starbucks shall we, they taste awful in my opinion.

BBC have launched several programs looking into the latest health trends, hinting that some of our favourite Instagram health gurus might be suffering from their own issues, how healthy is it to photograph every meal and document all your fitness routines anyway? cough anorexia cough…

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Weight Loss Slimming World Starts Today

Hi World, so I am over my hissy fit and have calmed down enough to type!

So I’ve begun slimming world (again), I’ve tried it in the past and loved it I stopped because I couldnt afford to group fees. This time round I bought the book from ebay used and am getting stuck in, today was a bit all over the place as I confused the red and green days and ended up making today a green day with 25 syns used eek but tomorrow I am going to plan ahead for the whole week and get to grips with it.


So today I ate a breakfast of scrambled eggs (fat free) baked beans and a slice of wholemeal sourdough bread and butter,

coffee and milk with a one sugar,

Lunch was 8 crab sticks (I thought they we 0 syns but had to point them 1 each)

an apple a clementine and another slice of sour dough bread.


Dinner is chicken and mushroom and vegetable pie with filo pastry and lots of fat free vegetables.

snack was a penguin bar in a moment of weakness while cooking !!

I went for a two hour walk with the kids and used the gym equipment in the park too so I feel like I’ve got off to a bumpy but positive start.

I hope tomorrow is easier