Coding, Read The Struggles of a Student and Mum.

Coding Career Change

Learning to code like a wizard or even half as well as my talented partner is my goal. I enjoy my side of our web design business, the administration and P.R. However to make a real contribution I need to get my head around coding, HTML and CSS. I studying with Treehouse, the step by step videos are in great bite size pieces, easy to understand and learn. I’m already confident enough to build a basic website, after just a few hours of training. There is something very satisfying about seeing your creations come to life, all the code, brackets and all making up a slick website.

Beautiful Design

My children are mostly teenagers all very confident, started with coding at an early age. I was more interested in design until recently. Great coding, it is a beautiful thing indeed. Who doesn’t love an amazingly well-designed site?

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