Womanhood, International Woman’s Day, A Message. (2 Min read)

Women, embrace your strength, intelligence, intuition.

I’ve had the honour of working with amazing women, supporting them through pregnancy and labour, each one of this incredible females has taught me something, about strength. The main lesson is how much we underestimate ourselves. How often do we wait for someone to reaffirm us? Look to the men in our life for protection, care and comfort? there’s nothing wrong with that, however, we have to be strong in our own right, we need to have independence. We need to educate ourselves and our daughters. Give them the tools to take care of themselves and their children should they need to.

Daughters and Cycles

God chose not to bless me with a daughter, however, I have sons I hope they go on the have many daughters who they will raise to be equal to their brothers. I’d have liked to raise a woman, to give her knowledge, teach her to listen to herself and always trust her intuition. Women are made wonderfully differently to men, we have a cycle, each day we shift and change with the world around us. How breathe taking and epic are we?

Once a month we go into a morning for a pregnancy that never was, we all complain about our menses but I know I’ll be sad to see the back of it. My cycle tells me a lot about my health, physical and mental. For goodness sake learn to read yours with fertility awareness. Use it as a method to get or prevent pregnancy, I’ve used it for decades after finding that synthetic hormones do not agree with me ( artificial progesterone causes severe depression in many women)

Mothers and Grandmothers

I’m the product of some strong women, my mother is an eccentric hardened wild camper, an explorer who at 60 is still often camping alone in the Scottish Isles. My Grandmothers between them raised over 25 children! One was a renowned Moroccan healer and people travelled far to see her. The other was a hardworking mother of 10, a proud Irish woman who kept everything spotless. I honour these women with my work. They had problems in their lives and never let anything stop them. I don’t know how they coped with the infant deaths of their children, sickness or poverty. they inspire me and drive me on. I learnt lessons from them. Learnt not to fear my body, to trust its ability and strength. When I look in the mirror I see them looking back at me, the set of my mouth, the bridge of my Arab nose, these women live on in me. I will make them proud.

How many people refuse to allow their daughters to learn to ride a bike or to swim? to gain a higher education? As a Muslim, I’ve battled these cultural repressive ideas all my life. Raise strong women, taking them swimming, climbing, bike and horse riding. Women empower yourselves, do that degree, go for that job. Don’t let the suffering of our ancestors have been for nothing. Its never too late, this past year I finally learnt to swim! Best thing I’ve ever done because it gives me so much joy. Seek out yours and love yourselves as you should be.