How We Balance, Home Educating With Sucessfully Freelancing.

How to step outside the rat race and live a life less ordinary in just a few steps.

Just over a decade ago myself and my husband made some big changes in our lives, we left safe, comfortable jobs, he was in sales, I worked in retail, running a deli. We retrained in completely different areas and began new careers at the same time as beginning home education.

Life beforehand had been a mad rush every weekday to get out the door on time, Sul rushed to be able to drop our eldest off at school each day before his long commute across London to work, not returning until well after our children, then aged 7 and 2 had fallen asleep. Family life was strained and we struggled to make ends meet, we hadn’t had a holiday together for years.

The change came shortly after September 2001. We made some major life differences in our lives after the tragic events of 9/11. Like a lot of people, we began to value our loved ones, time together and to reassess.

It ended up with us changing our lives for the better. Sul used his illustration and art background to begin building websites, doing graphic design, print layouts and video introductions. Every evening after work he’d work into the night to get good enough to secure a paying client big enough to quit the day job.

I trained as a professional Birth Partner/Doula and became an apprentice, I worked with numerous families across London and was privileged to help many mothers birth their babies, an absolutely amazing job. Constantly learning and training, every year I added new skills to my repertoire. Exhausting and ridiculous hours took their toll, though. I missed anniversaries, Birthdays and celebrations to attend mothers. I finally hung up my Doula bag for good in January 2014.

Our children are now nearly all grown up, they’ve each gone into an industry they enjoy. Home education and the freedom of working freelance has given us time to nurture their individual talents and for their confidence to grow.

Together we’ve enjoyed a holiday almost every year, sometimes more, trips up and down the country to museums and historical places of interest. Summer holidays that go on over 3 months and long winter evenings together.

It’s been wonderful and I’d like to share with you all how we’ve managed it, answering common questions along the way and letting you into our secrets, tips and tricks from:

  • Mistakes we made in business and how to avoid them
  • How to successfully time manage to ensure you make the most of every day.
  • How to de-register your child from UK school and where to begin with Home Education.

All this and more will be answered in detail in the following posts throughout January 2017.

Change is good 🙂

Spring Has Sprung

Hello wonderful people who follow my little blog.

So the past few weeks have gone past in a blur, we have a new addition to the family, our little kitten who has almost doubled in size since the end of January.

We’ve visited The Brunel Museum in London, it was incredible the feats of engineering they managed with the limited tools they had, the danger was very real and men risked their lives. The boys were quite inspired, it was their idea to visit. Its a tiny place in the original pump tower a few mins walk from Canada Water, I recommend it.

We finally visited the local farm for the lambing weekend, this is something we’ve planned to do every year and never got round to, usually because of the awful weather at this time of year. The lambs were incredibly cute of course.The boys enjoyed getting up close to beef cattle, they were huge, petting horses, goats and seeing the ducks, geese and chickens. We gave the pigs a wide berth , we could smell them, that was enough for us !

I found the shed which housed the still pregnant sheep in was my favourite place, each sheep was sat looking tired, fed up and eating steadily, just like any mother who goes over her due date by a week !! Seeing the baby lambs moving while still inside their mother was amazing, and we think our baby’s kick hurt !

There was a little notice to say that when the sheep goes into labour, they don’t move her or disturb her in anyway, they let her get on with it, it towards the end she needs a hand then they will step in, but they try not to. I wish trainee and some more experienced midwives were made to visit farms more and see that nature takes its course, you don’t hear of sheep epidurals or c sections !

We’ve been making the most of our local area, our budget means trips into the city are rare, but we’ve discovered that King Harold (the one shot in the eye at the battle of Hastings) is buried in the next town, so we’ll be doing a trip to Waltham Abbey sometime soon to have a look at his tomb as we’ve been researching the ancient history of Briton. A trip to Hastings to finish off the project would be nice.