Self Care, Looking After Yourself, Be Selfish. (1 min Read)

Putting yourself first, self-care isn’t wrong. If you neglect yourself then you perform badly in every aspect of your life. As I’ve got older I’ve learnt to get better at this, but I’m still learning.

Here is my list of things I do to take care of me, my personal self-care. Yours will be different of course, I thought I’d share mine.

Self-Care, Love who you are.

  • Start each day with green tea and lemon water after my dawn prayers.
  • Eat a good breakfast, usually with egg.
  • Get to the gym at least three times a week.
  • Say No. Don’t do things you don’t want to or feel uncomfortable doing. Never be a doormat.
  • Prioritise my health by getting regular checkups, smear tests, breast examinations, taking supplements and don’t ever put off doctors visits.
  • Avoid negativity and the people who spread it.
  • Draw a line under the past and don’t let it hold you back.
  • Go to bed before 11pm. I’m not good for much if I haven’t slept well!
  • Make the most of every day.
  • Limit Screen time when with family.
  • Love who you are and what you do.
  • If there’s something in your life upsetting you, change it. I’m working hard on this one.
  • Learn a new skill every year, last years was swimming!

Self-Care, Me Time.

I should also add my favourite self-care which is “me time”. Once a week I’ll go sit in a coffee shop with a notepad and pen, alone with my thoughts and sit and sketch and write for an hour or two. This time is vital to get my thoughts in order and helps me focus for the rest of the week. I also schedule a few hours a week alone with the T.V to unwind and watch my programmes, things no one else in my house enjoys.

Self-Care Couple Time

Don’t be shy about booking time alone with your spouse. We are more than just parents to our children, strengthening our relationship with trips, dates and dinner together is vital. Too many couples become so focused on raising children and their roles as mothers and fathers that they forget who they are. Middle age divorce is on the rise, as couples realise they don’t know each other anymore, don’t feel attraction anymore. Marriage is a partnership, we try to care for one another, respect each other and make an effort. I give him his space as he does me. Literally, work on it.


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