On Line Contact Lenses.

I hate wearing glasses, however years of reading by the landing light as a kid and using the internet since 1996 has meant I have little choice if I want to see well, I wear contact lenses most of the time, I am on a very tight budget so I buy them online for about 20 quid for three months supply, I used to be with Spec Savers monthly plan which was great until I stopped working and couldn’t afford the monthly charge ¬†they are so much more convenient when I go out in the rain or exercise glasses are not an option. Today I have an eye test so I’ve shoved my glasses in my bag and am wearing contacts, I’ll do a quick switch before the test. I know I am risking the health of my eyes by not having yearly tests to as standard with contact wearers. I do give my eyes a break by wearing glasses for a few days a week or even go a few weeks without putting lenses in. I use the computer a lot for work and leisure maybe up to 6 hours a day. I wonder how many others there are like me, saving a few pounds a month this way, I would never tell my closest friends they’d really have a go at me to just spend the extra but I know its not an option.

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