Natural AntiViral, Make Your Own Elderberry Jelly Recipe.

We know that colds and flu cannot be cured with modern medicine, however, they can be prevented or lessened with antivirals. Elderberry is toxic raw so don’t eat any until you’ve cooked them. Elderberry is a natural anti-viral. This is my own recipe. Weigh your berries and use the same weight of sugar.

 Antiviral Elderberry Jelly Recipe

Elderberries (hulled and washed, I use a fork to remove the berries from the stalks)


Pectin ( use as many sachets as you need, depending on weight of berries)

You can add ginger or chilli for a nice warmth.


Put the berries into a large heavy bottom pan, mash slightly to release the juices. Bring to the boil and simmer while adding sugar, stir well and bring up to the boil. Add your pectin and continue to boil until a spoonful of syrup sets on a cold saucer.

You don’t have to add the pectin, however, elderberry is low in pectin and without you’ll have a syrup, not a jam or jelly.

Jar while still warm in hot sterile jars, sterilise them in a low oven for 20 mins, the lids can be sterilised in boiling water for 10 minutes.

Your jelly will keep for 12 months, make a big batch and give jars away as presents.


Take a spoon full every day to prevent viruses or lessen their symptoms. Delicious taste means children are keen to have some too.

Put a few spoonfuls in a mug and top up with hot water, almost like blackcurrant a very nice alternative to tea.

Add it to pies, pastries, porridge, fruit salads or crumbles. delicious with stewed apples.




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