Get Vitamin D in Your Child’s Diet. (2 min Read)

Everybody is Talking about Vitamin D

We keep hearing how vital vitamin D is to our health. It is, in fact, low levels can cause all kinds of problems. These can include  a low immune system,  bone weakness and even Rickets. Skin problems like psoriasis and stomach issues including ulcers can also be a problem. It’s interesting that a study conducted in Lebanon concluded that children need more vitamin D than adults. 10  times more. It’s amazing to think that children in such a sunny country might not be getting enough, what chance have my own offspring got in the cloudy U.K?

Eggs and Salmon

Getting it into our kids is not easy. Despite knowing they are mostly ineffective I still give my 8-year-old a multi-vitamin to crunch along with his morning cereal. However, if you really mean business the best supplements are sprays you can buy from health food shops. A quick minty squirt and that’s 1000mmg of the vitamin. Eggs, salmon, mackerel and breakfast cereals are all great sources. Eggs are my favourite way to feed my children, omelettes, egg salad, boiled with toast, endless ways. One of my sons has an egg allergy so I ‘ve had to become more inventive especially as he has been diagnosed with low vitamin D. So I’m busy trying to find new ways to feed him. If you have any others suggests, please leave a comment below.

Cod Liver Oil

Feeding your children oily fish and if you are amazing getting them to take cod liver oil helps. I found cod liver oil in malt is palatable. However, the sugar level is worrying. Salmon fish cakes contain little salmon if you buy them but get yourself a can of salmon, whiz it up bones and all with some potato, dip in egg, bread crumbs and fry. Yum. Even my fussy pants will eat these with ketchup. As vitamin D is fat soluble its absorbed best with fat so take yours with a meal.

As a concerned parent, I am always trying to come up with new ways to get nutritious food into my children.  I know you all feel the same because we love to swap recipes if I could get my children to eat liver more than once a year, I’d be on to a winning streak. Not only is it full or iron and vitamin A it also has great vitamin D levels. It’s important to try and get organic liver, which is hard when you eat Halal as we do.

Have you managed to get your children to eat oily fish?

Eggs and Salmon vitamin D

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    • jameella

      I know! My son complained of aches and pains for a few months, the dr ordered blood tests, turns out he was very low on vitamin D!

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