Netflix – Abstract, Art of Design [Review]

It is only recently that I’ve branched out from only watching films and T.V series to the vast and varied catalogue of Netflix documentaries. If you haven’t had a look yet please do. Sometimes we need more brain food than the latest blockbuster can provide; especially if like me you use T.V as a teaching tool (think the rainy day, moody teen “sit and watch this”) for your home educated teenager. We worked our way through the great BBC science and nature programmes. Then discovered the other subjects covered include up to date art and design, history and music.

New Netflix series discussing designer in all its aspects. Following some of the world’s most successful designers.

  • Graphic Designer Paula Scher, (you’ve seen her work, I promise)
  • Interior designer Crawford.
  • Stage designer Delvin
  • Photographer Platon.
  • Tinker Hatfield Ex-athlete turned Nike shoe developer.
  • Car designer Ralph Gilles,
  • Illustrator Chris Niemann,
  • *Architect Ingels, He talks in depth about how his work has changed the way people live.

Netflix Teen Viewing

A must watch for all artists, inspiration in abundance. We ‘re using it as a learning tool, already our 13-year-old has re-watched a few episodes and felt inspired to produce some breathtaking pieces. Seeing how Tinker started each design with a page of “stream of consciousness” drawing and sketching was fun, a snippet into how his mind works. It’s not easy to inspire a home educated teenager.  So I was so chuffed to see him sit to watch with an art pad and pencil to draw as he watches. Keep the great ideas coming to Netflix, we love them.

Most of my T.V viewing is now through Netflix, being able to pick and chose what to watch and when and where is great, well worth the small monthly fee.

No, I’m not being paid for this review, its simply too good to ignore, all my reviews are honest and from the heart and if they are sponsored I’ll mention that at the beginning.

Has anyone else used this series as a work tool?

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