10 Things That Will Make You Happier

1, Be Thankful, look around you and count your blessings. Everyone has something to be grateful for.

2, Notice the small things, The ghost the barrista drew in foam on your coffee. The happy lady singing as she cleans. The way a hug makes you feel so content.

3, Make time for yourself, take time to do something just to make yourself happy.

4, Feed Your Soul, be true to yourself, worship God and know he alone has power over everything.

5, Stay Away from Negative, even talking about how you don’t want to be negative is draining !

6, Forgive and Forget, anger harms us more than those its directed towards.

7, Plant Something and Watch it Grew, I’m not just talking plants you can plant a good idea or a plan for the future, savings or plant a line of seeds of knowledge and build on it.

8, Learn a new Skill, learn a language, learn to bake bread, learn to bite your tongue, ride a bike, run 10 km and congratulate yourself.

9, Keep Your Body Clean, a basic you’d think but you’d be surprised how much difference it makes to be truly clean, keep wuthu as much as possible.

10, Remember Allah, make dhikr throughout the day, silently and out loud what is more beautiful and enriching to a soul than hearing the praise of the All Mighty, attract the angels who will flock to you to join in.

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